Waterbabies Swim School of San Clemente California.

2018 Sessions Dates

Winter: January 22 - March 31
Spring Break: April 2-6

Spring: April 9 - June 9
Summer 1: June 11 - July 14
Summer 2: July 16 - August 18
Fall1: August 20 - October 27
Fall2: October 29 - December 22

Baby Swim Lessons

Baby Swim Lessons in San Clemente at Waterbabies Swim SchoolCongratulations for taking this first step to teaching your baby the core skills that could one day save his or her life. Here we invite you to discover how our Waterbabies Baby Swim classes have been specially designed to ensure that your baby develops a love of swimming both above and below the water’s surface.

Infant Swim Lessons
Each member of our Waterbabies Swim School team takes a gentle approach to infant and toddler swim lessons. In the process of teaching children to respect the water, we at all times maintain respect for your child - we know that teaching a child to swim is a long-term process that involves a delicate balance of sensitivity, motivation, skill - and fun!

Toddlers are taught to jump into the pool, turn around and swim back to the side of the pool - it is their first water-safety lesson. However, well before this is taught, baby swim classes are designed to ensure that your child has one very important foundation: that of being comfortable in the water, and therefore unlikely to panic should an immersion accident occur.

Benefits Beyond The Water
The raising of a child has a great deal of associated responsibility, and ensuring that the path to becoming a well adjusted adult has early foundations.

For decades, parents have noticed that swimming lessons, beginning with baby swim classes, have had a positive impact on their children’s perceptual abilities, alertness and concentration. Over time, and with positive reinforcement and patience, improved physical development, social and emotional skills are observed.

Choosing Your Infant Swim School
International experts have determined the ideal requirements for baby swim schools, and we are proud that own Waterbabies Swim School meets, and in many cases, surpasses them.

They include:

   • A focus on safety at all times
   • Warm and welcoming atmosphere, with friendly and helpful staff
   • Clean pool and well-maintained facilities
   • Comfortable water and air temperature
   • Qualified staff
   • School certification
   • An infant-focused teaching philosophy
   • Parental involvement
   • Progressive program
   • Suitably grouped and sized classes
   • Repetition and practice
   • Challenging and interesting activities
   • A system of rewards or awards to increase motivation

While there are many things that parents can do to prevent death and injury from water accidents, there is no substitute for adult supervision - even in the bathtub. However, giving your baby the opportunity to become one of our “Waterbabies” is the next best thing!

Contact us to talk about the right time for your child to commence baby swimming lessons