Waterbabies Swim School of San Clemente California.

2018 Sessions Dates

Winter: January 22 - March 31
Spring Break: April 2-6

Spring: April 9 - June 9
Summer 1: June 11 - July 14
Summer 2: July 16 - August 18
Fall1: August 20 - October 27
Fall2: October 29 - December 22

Frequently Asked Swim School Questions

Frequently Asked Swimming School Questions1. If we miss our class time, is it possible to have a Make Up Lesson?
We offer one makeup lesson, per student each session for illness only. Thank you for understanding. Your class time is reserved specifically for your child’s age and swim level with a specific teacher.

2. What should my child wear?
All children who are not 100% potty trained must wear a polyester reusable swim diaper. We recommend you double diaper.  Disposable covered with a reusable.  We do not allow Huggies disposable swim pants, due to the problem of leaking and fecal contamination of our pool. Please do not underestimate this occurring, and please follow this policy. We sell reusable swim diapers for $10.00 in our office. Your child should also have their OWN pair of goggles that fit well, and do not leak. Level four children should wear swimming caps so hair in the face is not a problem. All children with longer hair need to wear it tied back, no metal bobby pins that rust our pool when they fall off. THANK YOU!

3. What time should we arrive?
Please arrive on time, leave extra time to park your car; it is difficult for the teacher to start your child once class has begun. Wait for the teacher to call your child into the pool for his class, but make sure she/ he know you are there. Thank you!

4. How long can my child play in the spa?
Please remember, spa time is a privilege for the children. Do not allow spa time ahead of class, unless your teacher has given permission. We allow 15 minutes of spa time after class, for the children to play together and have a great time practicing their underwater skills. You are required to monitor your child during this time. This means eyes on the child AT ALL TIMES.  No cell phones talk or texing is allowed.  Make sure they and the other children are being respectful of the lessons that are occurring before and after theirs. Children must use the restroom, and younger children must exit the spa on time or they tend to have “accidents”. THANK YOU!!

5. When do I pay for each session?
If you are a new family payment is due at the time of enrollment.  Returning families payment is due no later than thirty days prior to the start of the upcoming session. New clients are scheduled after this. Thank you!

6. Where are you located?
Beautiful downtown San Clemente.  The pool is located at: 142 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, CA 92672

7. Where do I send mail?
Please send all mail to: 142 Avenida Granada, San Clemente, CA 92672

8. What happens when it rains?
The children are already wet, and the pool is 92 °, so we only cancel if the weather is REALLY bad (lightning, hail and very high winds). Please check our office line @ 949-488-2512 if you are unsure regarding class for that day.  We have a parents room with veiwing window for your conveinance to get out of the rain.

9. How are classes formed?
Classes are grouped by the child’s exact age, and swim level. Siblings are allowed in the same class if they are truly at the same swim level; otherwise they are back to back in appropriate classes.

10. Do I get to stay and watch my child swim?
We love our parents to stay, watch and cheer, but not participate in the teaching. It is recommended to NOT engage in running conversations with your child while he is participating in class, even for two year olds. We might recommend you sit close, or step outside, depending on the circumstances and behavior of your child. Please discuss any concerns you have with us, but be aware that the teacher has limited time during class for “on deck” conversations. Be prepared for younger children to experience anxiety in a new situation, with a new person. The third class is usually when all things settle down with your cooperation and support.

11. Can siblings wait on the pool deck during lessons?
Siblings are welcome to watch, but may not participate in spa activities. We ask that you keep all siblings, including young babies and children quiet and occupied, or please step outside the guest area, so the facility remains as calm and quiet as possible. YES, the teachers will be noisy, it is their job!! Please keep all deck conversations respectful. NO LOUD CELL CHATS PLEASE!! Everything echoes on the water and becomes louder for us. THANK YOU!!

12. We have already participated in a parent tot class at a different school, he did not learn anything. Can we sign up for a level one class?
We believe that parents can teach their babies to swim, if given the right knowledge and instruction. Our goal is to educate you as the caregiver in how to teach your baby to swim. When your toddler knows the teacher, you may be able to graduate early, to a level one, but that should not be necessary for your child to learn more. He will be learning level 1, 2 skills in a Parent tot class format.

13. Can I drop my child off and leave?
We require that you stay on the property in case of an emergency.

14. Do I create a new account if I can not access my old account?

No, please do not create a new account.  Call our office 949-488-2512 and we will restore your archived account.

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